April 7, 2017

My gosh this Friday took a toll on me. The traffic was horrendous so the people that I was going to meet with ended up being on the third location before I was able to show up. I was travelling from 6PM to past 9PM.

I was so hungry, I had to talk to myself to calm down and not be a bi*ch as it was my first time meeting my partner’s HS friends. After a few sips of Ramen, I was back on track. It felt a bit awkward trying to connect with them first. Especially that when it was my turn to sing, it kind of not interest them anymore HAHAHA. The first meeting was okay and I hope we meet again to further bond and get to know each other.



April 3, 2017

At around noon time I heard one of my office mate asked if someone in the team can go to the University of Santo Tomas (UST) and do an area search. I kept looking down at my laptop because I know hell for sure I got tons of work to finish especially that the company wifi has been going bonkers for days.

Someone was already assigned to go but refused as he doesn’t know much in the area. After that, I heard the words that I’ve been avoiding to hear — “Mariel, you used to study in UST right? Can you go?”

Of course, I said yes. It was a hassle because my phone was also acting up. The company gave me a spare phone but I couldn’t start using it and restore my files there because the wifi is acting up. And so, I left with 90% chances that my phone will just die on me and I wouldn’t be able to take photos. Luckily, even though it was very tiring due to the traffic, I was able to finish it and even asked my partner to meet and have dinner with me.

We ate dinner and then finished our separate tasks on our job. It was a very productive date night for both of us. ❤