Beauty and The Beast – Argumentatively Good


To be honest, I wasn’t as hyped as the others with the remake of this movie. But after its release, some people that I know have been giving good commentary about it. I sat in the movie house without any expectations. One thing was clear, that Emma Watson as Belle will surely be a sight to see.


Belle with his father Maurice

Emma Watson portrayed the role excellently. In fact, I was shock at how good she sang her parts. Depth was further associated with Belle’s character as they really emphasized her love for books and persistence to conform with the traditional roles of having a provincial life in their village. Belle in the original story really did love books but in one of the scenes in the movie, she taught a girl how to read which the town people didn’t really appreciate.


Gaston pleasing Belle with flowers

There were indeed some twitches here in there in the story but as unconventional as I am, I believe that the changes were fitting to how the generation of today will reflect on this fairy tale. We sure didn’t want any damsel in distress.


You could tell from start to end that this movie was meticulously prepared for the keen eyes of everyone. They know that this movie will nothing but be the benchmark of their other up and coming remakes. Every number was in their fullest gesture. Although I have to admit that at the middle part of it, by the time Lumiere and Cogsworth along with the rest of the staff were performing before Belle’s dinner, my mind had already  stepped out and thought, “What the hell are they dancing and singing for?” Hahaha


The Beast introducing Belle to a magical book


L to R: Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and Plumette

This tale was told as old as time but presented in a contemporary way to cope up with the changes in our society. For it to be a better fit with the generation that will relate to it. As much as I know, Disney movies were created to bring hope, courage and a good role model to our diversified society. So it didn’t matter as much with the gay representation or interracial relationships. It was after all about a beautiful lady falling in love with a beast for goodness sake.


If you love musicals and the Disney princesses, I highly suggest that you see this movie. See it with an open mind and it was in all ways possible presented fairly and as closely with the original.

It was indeed a happy ending. And all I remember was my childhood as I sang (confidently and on top of my voice) in the karaoke the “Beauty and The Beast” soundtrack with Celine Dion on the background. I held the lyrics from the leaflet that comes along the cassette tape on my left hand. Swaying the mic as I held it with my right hand on each high and low note on the song. And in that, I conclude, Disney didn’t fail telling this tale.

Director: Bill Condon

Writer/s: Stephen Chbosky (screenplay), Evan Spiliotopoulos (screenplay) based on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-marie Leprince de Beaumont

Producer/s: David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman

Walt Disney Pictures | Mandeville Films

Walt Disney Studios | Motion Pictures

Rate: 8.5/10



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