How do you face the feeling of realizing that sadly, she’s not the one?

That trust is barely there and no matter how hard she tries, she still lies with all the stories behind your back along with the people you treated right. How can you forgive if the person feels glorified to still be treated as if nothing happened and asks so much but proven so little? Doesn’t it take time?

Why can’t she let you go when you’ve exhausted it all? Why only do things when it’s all too late? Why can’t I just let go and still allow things to be intertwined  more?

Who is wrong? Who is right? Who lied and who loved?

What is true? What is real? Between the feelings now, the feelings you’ve invested before and the feelings you’ll have in the future?

Where do you begin the new beginnings? Where will I find what everyone in this world has been looking for?

When… does it end when it had never even stopped? When will it be real? The promises were just mere words to get you back and pretend you are both on track.


I’d rather be alone than pretend everything is fine or will be fine if the promises are just empty and the happiness is just temporary.

I don’t want someone who does shit and promises not to do it anymore but still does and acts as if they’ve done nothing wrong  and they’re the ones who’ve been through a lot.

I hope someday to find that love.

I hope someday to really be alright.



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