Real. People.


You won’t realize who your real friends are until the hard times start rolling in.

I am mostly the you-get-what-you-see person. If I don’t like you, I wouldn’t even probably bother talking or letting you feel you exist in my space. I act how I feel and I am very transparent with my feelings toward other people. I tell them and oh I really do even if they don’t give a fudge that I care for them or I hate them.

If I like you or at some point love you, I will make you feel it and as much as possible tell it to you everyday. I will fight for it and stay until I can even if other people say it’s already too much or I seem stupid enough that I don’t have enough courage to let go. Often times I get taken for granted — this applies to both friends and past lovers.

I don’t usually consider people as my friends right away. Over the years, I’ve became cautious whom to spend my effort and time with but sometimes It can get really tricky and most of the time I always fail in recognizing those.

‪Real people are one of the hardest things to find here on Earth. I realized, no matter how good you treat other people, you can never expect them to reciprocate. In the toughest situations… true colors get revealed and sides are taken it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. You’ll get to see who have become your real friends and who were just there because you’ve been a partner to someone or a friend of a friend.

I’m like this ever since because I hate what if’s that’ll keep me up at night and regrets that I haven’t given it my all until I’ve decided that it’s never going to work out. I just totally let go when it’s time and no I won’t grieve about it as much.

And you’ll be faced with the reality that then again, you invested poorly because in the end you’re all alone with merely temporary people.

Temporary memories and temporary faces.

I don’t want that to happen anymore so i’ll  be cautious.

The time, memories and effort in this stage of my life aren’t for the temporary, unreal and weather-like.

To the real people in my life. Thank you for being with me through the years.



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