Logan, An End Of A Glorifying Era.

It was different from the image I knew and was accustomed through out the years. I grew up knowing him as the savior or the key element to any war the mutants would get into. He had a groggy look and full beard on telling you from the start of the movie this was entirely going to be different.

The title itself wasn’t about the X-Men or Wolverine. It was him… Logan. This movie isn’t about the becoming of a superhero or a sequel from where he returns to save the human race from another villain. This movie was about his unbecoming, showing his vulnerability in the most glorious way possible. It was showing the humanness in him.


The movie house was jam packed and we were literally looking up from the wide screen as we sat from the first row of chairs. Even though it was an uncomfortable seat, the movie was too intense to not get engaged. Seeing Charles Xavier and Logan in their most susceptible state is already too much to handle. Living just near the border to Mexico, they are found in an isolated place far from their living condition before. Logan hides from the rest of the world as a chauffeur while Charles is being taken care of by Caliban as they spend day in and out saving money to soon get away and find safety.


And even though they try so hard to live under the radar, trouble always finds their way. Donald Pierce, head of the militant Reavers, tracks him down to retrieve a child under the name Laura. Logan, uninterested, gets jumbled in the problem and later on finds out the kid’s ability is identical as his. He soon accepts his faith to help the girl get into safety but in the process loses one of the most important person he’s been protecting ever since — Charles Xavier.



It was definitely one of the saddest parts in the movie. It was heartbreaking especially at his state, it was like losing a father or grandfather. The person who guided you all throughout. The movie is packed with a lot of gruesome, brutal action scenes. This isn’t for the faint of heart.


Even Laura, played by Dafne Keen, didn’t hold back on its stunts and actions scenes in the movie. The fight sequels will leave you in awe and at the edge of your seat. This movie opens the window to a new set of mutants, the next generation, that we’ll surely still be following. What’s next? What’s in it for them?

The hardest part was bearing the last part of the movie. Wolverine, bathing in his own blood and not regenerating anymore. It was his last exchange of words that made him a real human. It was emotional in a way that your superhero is dying in front of you for the last time saving the next generation. No wonder this is the highest grossing Wolverine movie.

After playing Wolverine for 17 years, Hugh Jackman has made the perfect decision and timing to put an era to an end. For all the people who’ve grew up for the last 17 years following this movie… this is like your 17-year-old blended scotch whiskey you’ve been prepared to take down all these years.

Director: James Mangold

Producer: Hutch Parker, Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner

Marvel Entertainment | TSG Entertainment | Kinberg Genre | The Donners’ Company

20th Century Fox

Rate: 8.5/10



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