A Dog’s Purpose???


After all the controversies that had happened prior to the release of this movie, we certainly had  no second thoughts in watching it at the cinema when it got proven that the entity that released the video was just messing around for ratings.

Being a dog lover, this movie was certainly a top priority to be seen just like Hachiko, Marley & Me, Eight Below and so and so forth…


I wasn’t expecting anything in particular, all I knew was that this was Dennis Quaid’s comeback movie and that the dog was meant to help him get back to his first love. Boy, I was wrong. More than the romcom theme, the movie opened up with the dog’s question of its purpose in life. Starting with a stray puppy in the streets being taken away by the pound it reincarnates as a different dog. I slowly saw the pattern as the movie progresses with different owners, living different lives, being different dogs but each time asking its real purpose.


The tear jerker part of it all.

It was heartbreaking every time the dog bids farewell to its owner. We were sobbing in the cinema. You can literally hear everyone with their silent sobs LOL. I wasn’t even finish sobbing and there goes the dog living a new life with a new owner. It made me realize that the dog’s life literally revolves around us. It accepts us no matter who we are or what we do in life. It doesn’t matter whether we’re unknown or a famous celebrity. Give it food, shelter and affection and it will surely give you its loyalty and love.


I highly recommend people to watch this movie if they are planning to buy or adopt a dog so they would have an idea how it’ll be when they get one. This movie is also must-see for dog owners. It reminds us how precious creatures we actually have no matter how stubborn or stinky their farts can get sometimes.

Don’t trust anyone who won’t get moved by this movie. Hahaha!

Director: Lasse Hallstrom

Writer: Based on A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

Producer: Gavin Polone

Amblin Entertainment | Reliance Entertainment | Walden Media | Pariah Entertainment Group

Universal Pictures

Rate: 8.5/10



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