5 Reasons Why “I’m Drunk, I Love You” Is Awesome and Should Stay Longer In The Cinemas



A slap-on-the-face-sorta-love story about two college best friends Dio (Paulo Avelino) and Carson (Maja Salvador) who takes on one last road trip before they graduate from college. Carson sees an opportunity to her long overdue “time check” to face the reality of having been secretly in love with Dio for the last 7 years of her college life. She forces her gay best friend Jason (Dominic Roco) to tag along as they set off to attend Daluyon Music Festival in La Union. The event happens to be organized by Dio’s ex with the notable name of Pathy (Jasmine Curtis). They later discover that the purpose of Dio’s unplanned road trip was to rekindle his love with the Young Star, Women of Now, Pathy. (Saklap bes. Ano  na. Shot mo na.)

I really liked the movie. It portrayed as much as it can how the millennials deal with love and life entangled with our aspirations and goals while still trying to look like we’re holding things perfectly together for the people around us. I was smirking the entire movie, and my friends are too because:

-it somehow closely resembled how we were in college… pasaway, layas, palainom, kung mainlove kala mo walang bukas pero GA-GRADUATE YAN / GRADUATE NA YAN (yung iba with honors pa)

-it kind of depicted the unspoken heartache of those endless shots you took and martyrdom moments you’ve endured for the longest time just to still be friends with that person you secretly love

-music, poetry, art, road trips, puyatan pero fresh sa umaga, the beach, booze, bagnet, more booze, friends, real talk, heartaches and good times.

With all of those being said here are my top 5 scenes in the movie that you wouldn’t want to miss, especially for you! Oo, you na di pa din matauhan…


1) Inuman sesh with your Best Friend

This one on one inuman session of Jason and Carson reminded me so much of how I spend my loka moments with my best friend. Maja Salvador’s acting skill in this scene was played very well. I kept laughing because It reminded me of my drunk in love self in a very downplayed manner. I know I’ve been worst. LOL

Jason in this movie is the person that knows you inside and out. And even though they’ve kept track of how stupid you can get when in love, they support you and still give you advice as if they haven’t given it to you for a thousand times. Your beshie, may come in different forms, shapes, sizes or gender but when you find them never let them go and always be there for them just as how they are to you.


2) Meeting P-A-T-H-Y

No matter how classy we can get and pretend that it doesn’t bother us, we all have to admit that we’ve been irritated if not hated that person that’s taking our secret love away from us. And since we’re secretly in love with our friend, we have to be casual and just throw in a few punchlines here and there just to get back with her. Also, never trust people with names that’s not supposed to have an -H.




3) Admitting her feelings to Dio

We were gasping for air. Punching and slapping the arms of each other inside the cinema. Squealing silently. How do you actually admit to your friend for 7 years that you’ve been secretly in love with them? If you were that person, how would you react to the confession? This scene is was meaty, real, raw and moving. This is my second most favorite part in the movie. Confession of love is always scary but beautiful at the same time because you’re vulnerable at that moment only for that person that you love. NAKSSSS! LALIM!


4) Carson crying her heart out without any words because… SI MAMA YAN EH.

Every heartache that I’ve been through in life, whether it may be about school, work or love I’ve always thought of going up to my mama and crying my heart out. No words needed. Just her warmth, her hug and knowing that she’s there no matter how fvcked up I got myself into. This scene and basically any scene in any movie about mom’s saving our asses always has a soft spot in my disgruntled heart. (Also, I’ve never done the crying to her because pa-tough at the same time LOL)


5) Carson’s graduation moment

Carson’s graduation day symbolizes more than marching up the stage and receiving her diploma. I’ve never been friend zoned and I don’t even wish it upon my enemy but the part where I relate the most is her realizing things. She shrugged and laughed as she took a sip from her beer knowing that at that moment, she wouldn’t have do to the “time check!‘ anymore. Happy Graduation Carson!!!


Yes, it is indeed a slap-on-the-face-sorta-love story for me. A slap on the face because beshie gigisingin ka nito sa katotohanan na itigil mo na pagiging engot and there’s a better love for you out there the moment you’ve moved on. Carson, faced her fear and confessed her love whether or not it was the result that she wanted, it sure did slapped the reality in her mind.

On top of it all, I see this as Carson’s love story with herself and I think a lot of us youth nowadays should have that disposition as well. 🙂 Thank you I’m Drunk, I Love You for that wonderful story.


Director: JP Habac

Writers: JP Habac, Giancarlo Abrahan

Producer: Armi Rae Cacanindin, Daphne O. Chiu

Tuko Film Productions || Buchi Boy Entertainment

Rate: 8.5/10


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