Sticky Notes

Love is so vast.
It’s wanted by all.
Some have taken a lot but have given so little or none at all.
Some only played it with as revenge to the past that had played over theirs and ended up not believing in love anymore.
Some are too idealistic about it.
Some are too pessimistic too.
Others confuse love with being by oneself and togetherness.
Some are so confuse they try to find love in all the wrong places.
I haven’t even come close to what love really is.
Growing up with a broken family and having unhealthy relationships in the past made me realize at a young age to value love and connection with people. By the time I hit 24, I had to make sure I love myself enough to treat the person I’m with all the respect and love she deserves. I thought everything will just be fine by then and no mountains won’t be high enough for us to soar –that was being too idealistic of me.

Sadly, as they say, it takes two to tango.
Both of you has to do the steps to not hurt each other, it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to work out at the end of every song that plays. Tango isn’t danced with three or more people nor is danced with you looking at somewhere else. It’s dedication and perseverance. Too cliche but real. Too real that other people have a hard time to do it.
All I know is that despite all the heartaches and sleepless nights, the frustrations and disappointments, the lies and unrecognized efforts…
I’ll meet that right person. It may not be now. It may not be sooner but it’ll come. And that’s enough for me to keep trying and showing the right kind of love to the people I come across so as to leave a good impact in their life.




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