Movie Review: John Wick 2

As gay as I can get, if I would actually marry a guy, my list boils down to Edward Norton, Liam Neeson and Keanu Reeves. And there goes your cue that this review will be bias LOL.


John Wick reluctantly comes back from his almost retirement through a “marker” held by Italian crime lord Santino D’Antonio. Wick is forced to fulfill the blood oath that helped him succeeded in doing the “impossible task” to get out of his old life and marry his late wife Helen. John Wick flies to Rome and completes the task of killing Gianna, Santino’s sister, so he can take her seat in the “High Table,” a council of high-level crime lords. The rouse only gets higher and stronger through the rest of the film.

Not only the bodies were doubled in this sequel with seemingly perfect execution but also, his new dog didn’t get harm. Thank heavens for that! I couldn’t bear seeing him in more agony, bruises and blood without his dog. A perfect side note is If you’re not much into bloody, too intricate scenes on how to kill a guy with a pencil, I suggest you skip this movie. But if you’ve seen John Wick 1 and loved it then welcome to the club, mate!


Keanu looks not even a day old and is in perfect physique which leads me to believe he is a demi-god. Hahaha! Some of my favorite parts was the scene with his co-star in The Matrix, Laurence Fishburne as underground crime lord The Bowery King. Seeing them both in the big screen was some how nostalgic of how far they’ve come from The Matrix.


Another fight scene that took me to the edge of my seat and had me panting as If I was the one taking in the punches and fighting for my life was with rapper Common as Cassian, who happens to be the Gianna’s bodyguard and vows for her revenge. I can’t even bare the end of this duel.


My only bad comment was that although I know this is a neo-noir action thriller film and he does get stabbed and shot, I can’t seem to understand why it’s only normal for them to kill or fight in public places. With all that blood and commotion, I’m pretty sure someone must’ve called the police or asked him if he was okay as he was riding the subway drenched in blood… or I just really care about him? Hahahaha

John Wick 2 is like John Wick 1 but on steroids. The question is, with everyone after to kill him, can he make it till the very end? Will he live? If he lives, it seems there’s a million ways to have him killed. The twists and turns are so surreal you’d have to make sure you stay hydrated to make it to the end of the movie.


Director: Chad Stahelski

Producer: David Leitch, Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee

Writer: Derek Kolstad

Distributed by Summit Entertainment with production company Lionsgate, Thunder Road Pictures and 87Eleven Productions.

Rating: 8.5/10



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