Baling times day


“Bali” is a tagalog word for broken or bended, adding the -ing just makes it a verb… a pun for the Valentines Day. Baling Times Day ~ Broken Times Day.

It’s an occasion recognized internationally, let’s not blame it. Sometimes people hate how others do it leading them to loath celebrating Valentines Day. I myself is included in that percentage. I’ve enjoyed it when I was in high school getting all the attention from suitors and love back then for me was too shallow and self centered.

I’ve only lived 24 years of my life here on Earth. It might be hard to say that I’ve encountered it all but I know I’ve encountered enough to know what kind of love I deserve and should give myself and that took years and it’s still a learning process.

I hope you don’t give up on finding the right love, on really knowing what you deserve and what to let go. Stop living in mediocrity. More than the celebration of “the one you love” today, celebrate it everyday with your friends, family and yourself.

Spend it with people that really matters and make you feel that you matter. I’ve written and said this so many times. That’s how hard it is because we naturally tend to look for recognition and validation from other people first.

Just celebrate this day if you really want to and I shouldn’t hate it as well (so do you reader who makes fun of people celebrating it or hating it for no reason). It’s a celebration of love after all.

And to be quite frank, the world needs a lot of it, in any shape or form. The world needs the good kind of love.




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