I wanted to have a blog site where I can feature all the things that I wanted to talk about -movies, skin care, restaurants, places and anything under the sun.

Throughout the years, I realized that most of the blog posts that I get liked on or read are the personal ones. The posts where I am going through something emotional, sad, motivational, depressed, lost… I get a few hits from reviews and all but not when I talk about the above mentioned matters.

Are people generally sad? Do people that read my posts from other parts of the world feel the same shit or have felt it at some point in their lives?

Do people that know me only get interested when I am not okay? Sometimes I wonder if they read it because they can relate or they read it because they have their own personal views on my demise — “She could’ve done this. She could’ve done that. I knew it was going to happen. Etc.”


People always tell me to stop putting effort and trust that all people are generally good because I’ll end up getting disappointed over and over again. It did happen and it is still happening… but how can I stop?

How can I be bad to them? I may get hurt but eventually how will you stop seeing good in people when you know it’s what everyone needs the most?

Whenever I get hurt or mad, I still think of the good times I’ve shared with them and that’s enough valid reason that there’s still good in this world. I’ve hurt people too in the past and I am far from perfect.

I burst out when it hurts. I cry when it hurts. I feel numb when it’s too much.

I wish to live in a world where people don’t criticize or judge you only on how good you wear your clothes or your physical aspect or your bank account or the person you love.

I wish to live in a world where people can trust someone enough to believe that something good will be reciprocated to them as well and if not, it didn’t hurt to be good anyway.

I’m human. I desire beauty, wealth and power but I know better.

Real talk. Real people. Real love. Real hardwork.

These things are way better than fake love and fake life.



So what do you think?

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