Warning: Spoilers ahead. Don’t continue reading and break your heart if you haven’t watched it.


Set in contemporary Los Angeles, musician and Jazz lover Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) meets aspiring actress  and writer, Mia (Emma Stone). The two artists fueled with their own dreams to fulfill faces their highs and lows as a couple on making ends meet, choosing a stable job for their future and still finding ways to accomplish their personal goals in life.

How will they make their relationship work while still pursuing their dreams? What will they choose between love and career? Is it the person that stayed with you and helped you through the tough times or the endless possibilities of rejection to attain your life long dream?

These are some of the questions that’ll go through your mind while watching these dreamers fall in love in the movie. Director and writer for La La Land, Damien Chazelle, has wonderfully portrayed La La Land from words to the big screen. I loved their costumes all throughout the entire film and the cinematography was awesome as well. Every scene and setting were meticulously shot and edited that added to the overall vibe of the movie.

LLL d 12 _2353.NEF

It’s something new to offer at the cinemas. This movie sure hit the jackpot (7 Golden Globe awards to be exact) by portraying a movie in a generation where everything is instant, easy and everyone prefers comfort and laid back.

Chazelle had a hard time for years as no studio was willing to finance and release an original contemporary jazz musical especially that Jazz music has been already tagged as an “extinct genre”. He did eventually found sponsors and a studio to release the movie with a budget of around $1 million, but had to scraped it off and move on as they demanded Chazelle a lot of changes that are crucial to the story line like the lead male actor turning into a rock musician from a jazz pianist, downplaying the intricate opening and dropping off the bittersweet ending. He decided to put a hold on it. He wrote Whiplash that got released in 2014 and was well received in the Sundance Film Festival. People started paying attention to his work when the film Whiplash got five Oscar nominations and grossed $50 million worldwide off it’s $3.3 million production budget. And the rest is history to La La Land.


This pretty much depicts Chazelle’s struggles in making his goals into reality. I’m pretty sure the movie wasn’t able to get into the nitty gritty of the struggles in the industry but the ending sure did made a point as to choosing over love or career. It was truly presented in the images of the bittersweet ending.

So no matter how hard, no matter how scary it may seem let’s all not give up on our dreams especially to the ones who’ve already realized what it is that they really want in life. It takes the right moment and the right time for everything to fall into place. It may seem hard and frustrating when things that you’ve planned doesn’t happen your way but as Seb’s line in the movie goes “I’ll just keep life hit on me until it gets tired.”



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