Mandatory New Year Post

I am honestly struggling to change. I’ve gained weight ever since I turned 24. I can’t even fit to my usual clothes now and has a ton of cellulite in my lower body part. I used to love working out but now even going to work kills the will and motivation out of my brains.

It’s January I know and I’ve tried to be more optimistic than ever with everything but I just can’t seem to get a grip. I’m setting my goal to be fit again by March. To stop eating sweets and rice the night after I post this (one chocolate and one cup of rice per week only). I will achieve atleast 7-8 hours of sleep and stop binge watching. I will wake up early to work out and get to work without being late. I will finish my deadlines and stop procrastinating and doing other nonsense things. This job is important to me and I need it more than it needs me.

I will start thinking more about me and stop letting people mistreat me. I know I shouldn’t expect people to treat me the same as how I am to them but I will now have no regrets in walking away and burning bridges if they treat me unfairly especially If I thought they were my so called friends.

I will save up and be more cautious with my expenses just as how I should be with letting people into my life. I will try new hobbies and learn new things. I will dress better and love my skin for what it is and be more confident. I will stop labeling myself, putting barriers and comparing my life to others.

I will not involve myself in any drama of other people anymore. I will focus on myself for now… enough to still have a healthy relationship with other people. I dedicate this year to me.

Sorry self for putting you in the back seat far too long.






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