Rouge One – In the view of a Star Wars Dummy

*Spoiler alert: Click your butt away if you haven’t seen the movie yet*


I am familiar with Star Wars– I know some of its characters, I may have seen it when I was younger and in saying so I also know the famous line “May the force be with you.” and I saw the Star Wars: The Force Awakens last year but that’s it.

I don’t entirely know the plot, the protagonist nor bought any merchandise about it and doesn’t actually know what the fuss was all about.

Don’t get me wrong, I love movies and series. I just haven’t gotten around to appreciate Star Wars as I felt already so left behind and people might just judge me in joining the band wagon so I didn’t pay much attention.

Last night, I saw Star Wars: Rogue One and all I can say is that IT WAS HELLLLLLAAAAAA AWEEEEESOOOOMMMMEEEE!!! Too bad for my date as I had her summarized the entire plot, the series on how the movies were released, the force, the resistance, the alliance, the jedi and etc.

I honestly loved it! It was an awesome movie. It’s just that I I invested emotionally to the characters right away and was gasping the entire movie time because I CANNOT BELIEVE ALL OF THEM DIED! ! ! ! (Still breaks my heart)


My date had to explain to me that they were only a part of the bigger picture and what’s about to happen, they had to sacrifice for the greater good. I actually loved the movie because it was realistic, good guys doesn’t always live. I loved the last part were the people that were already holding the data about the Death Star  weren’t even the main characters but their will to save the data was just as same. They all wanted to take it as far away to Darth Vader as possible. It was so heartbreaking when the main characters just hugged and accepted their death as long as their mission was fulfilled. I can’t even bare typing it. TOO.MUCH.HEROIC.FOR.ALL.


So hyped about it! I’m very much excited to see the next one! Gaaah!

That’s all. 😀


If you're a Star Wars fan forgive me if I'm a noob.

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