Dipaculao, Aurora Province

This trip came into picture when me and my friends were chatting about how “Batman” has never been yet on a long trip.

Aurora Province is a worthy 6-hour ride from Manila. From Makati, we left at around 2 o’clock in the morning and drove through the dawn. I was mostly keeping myself busy by playing DJ to the tracks on Spotify. After a few hours, I looked through the window and alas, there it was, the violet colored sky with the sun about to show its rays and gaze upon us.

It was breathtaking. We had to pull over and appreciate it for a few minutes.



Meet Batman.

Afterwards, we arrived at the town proper of Baler. Most of the establishments were still close because it was around 6 o’clock in the morning when we got there. Good thing we passed by a carinderia that served delicious Filipino dishes.

Before we got to our resort, we also stopped along the highway of Amper Beach. The view looked like it was taken out of a postcard! There were a only few cars passing by so we had a chance to maximize our photo op session.


It was around 9 o’clock when we got to La Sunshine Resort and because it was off peak season, we were allowed to check in early. We had the entire beach all to ourselves. After dropping off our stuff and setting up the tent, Pau and I immediately went to the beach for a swim while Kotswe and Tessa were preparing for lunch.



From L to R: Tessa, Me, Che, Pau (c) Tessa Galang

You can ask the staff at the La Sunshine resort to cook and buy ingredients for you with an added fee. In our case, we brought our own rice cooker, ingredients and viands to cook. We only had to buy the charcoal for grilling.

The lunch was nothing but awesome thanks to Kotswe and Tessa! We finished the entire 1KG of cooked rice to think that we don’t usually eat that much. Afterwards we got to nap under the trees where the tent was set up. We placed a sarong on the sand and took a quick siesta. The sound of the waves calmed us down in no time.

When we woke up from our nap, my friends had decided to already take shots. We exchanged stories and jokes and laughed so hard on the most stupidest things. Afterwards, we decided to hit the beach again until we are already sober enough to eat dinner.


The next morning, we were already up quarter to 6 o’clock and walked by the shore to look for a waterfall nearby. And alas! Hidden just a few minutes away from the beach was a cold, refreshing waterfall. It was a bonus for this trip!

We left around 12 PM and went to the town proper to eat. We had our windows down. No music. Everyone of us was hoping we get to the nearest gas station before we actually ran out of gas. After loading up Batman into full tank, we then made our way to Baler’s Surfer Grill.

I highly recommended the grilled fish on the menu and the freshly squeezed refreshments on the side.The fish was perfectly cooked topped off with the aligue paste. It was the perfect dish to cap off this Baler adventure.


(c) Che Lettiere

And before we finally returned to Manila, we made a quick stop to the famous Millennium Tree in Barangay Quirino, Maria Aurora, Aurora Province. This Balete tree is known for being the largest Balete tree in Asia with the age of 600+ years old.


Click this link to see the full video of our trip.

List of expenses from Makati City:

Toll: PhP 463

Gas: PhP 1,255

Food and grocery items: PhP 2,000

Accomodation: PhP 4,000

Total: Php 7,718 divided 4 people = PhP 1,929.50/person

If you’re planning to commute, simply book your bus ride at iWantSeats.com.ph.



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