No apprehensions


You make me feel so sure about many things

And yet still feel uncertain for the most part.

You make me write and pause…

Hold back until it gets lost.

Lost in track of all what we could’ve said

But we didn’t.

Lost in translation of what the things

That had happened meant

But we hesitated.


And some days I’ll be at bliss

Looking through your eyes already made me at risk

Caught in the moment

When we touched and I said

“The universe is this…”

This feeling so vast

Never too much and never enough

Just always longing, always drifting

Into euphoria.


Then on some days it’ll hit

Knock you right down and will make you think

What is on with us?

Or what will it be?

Or will there ever be?


My friends keep asking what’s the deal

While your friends know what’s real

As I openly admit to you

That I like you

You hum in silent, unspoken words

Unknown phrases i’ll never get


But in all this conundrum

There’s a smile on my face

There’s joy in my heart

And there’s you…

You that suddenly came

In the most unexpected way.


And I’ve learned to love every inch of it

Every ugly, uncertain and indecisive way of it

I’ll never know if I am just wasting time

Or holding on to something special

But one thing’s for sure

You can be calm

Because on my end

I ain’t fooling around.



Photo credit

PS: Also working on finishing ton of my drafts. :*

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