Let’s get it straight to the point.

The reason why I haven’t posted anything here in my blog is because I am currently going through something in terms of my career path. I’ve dreaded with it for so long it is now slowly consuming me, affecting everything I’ve tried to establish at work. I am so lost right now and torn between making decisions. I don’t even have the tenacity to elaborate my feelings because of so many thoughts going through my head. Despite all of these though, I am very thankful of having an understanding boss. She has always tried to meet me halfway. The first person at work to believe I can be better and I can do something more than what my other colleagues expect out of me. I just really want to make her proud at this point. As for me, I really need figure things out.

It’s really hard to balance life. Yes, damn it! Adult life is getting the best out of me.

I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!


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