October 2 to 4, 2015- Cebu, Philippines

It was one of those places that I never really intended to visit probably because in my opinion it was too mainstream and it’s already an urbanized city so I thought that my experience would be the same as being in Metro Manila. But of course, I was kinda wrong.


Day 1 – October 2, 2015:

We rented a room at City Suites Ultima Residences – Ramos Tower but was too early to check-in as we arrived around 6am. We ended up leaving our bags at the hotel and off for a food hunt. Initially we went to Rico’s Lechon but it was still too damn early as well. So we stayed at a 7-11 convenience store and killed time over some cup noodles while watching Youtube videos.

By the time it struck 10 o’clock, I was so hungry nothing else mattered anymore. I had to eat!

Rico’s Lechon has a very nice ambiance. The colors they used for their interior design – pastel colors, were very easy on the eyes.

I loved their baked oysters! I was literally craving for it the entire time I was in Cebu. I am not really a fan of Lechon, so I don’t have the authority to critic on it but my companion said it was good. So good, she finished it in a jiffy! 😀


City Suites Ultima Residences- Ramos Tower


It rained in the afternoon so we decided to rest for a few hours in the hotel and went out around 5 PM to Crown Regency for our Sky Experience Adventure (Tower Zip and Sky Walk Extreme).

Sky Walk Extreme:

It’s basically walking on a translucent glass pathway around the Crown Regency building 126.55 meters high above the ground. Ehh, no biggie! Except the fact they ask you to strike a pose with your foot up in the air at the edge of the pathway as if you’re about the jump off the building.

Tower Zip:

I ain’t gonna lie. I cried on this one. This activity tapped the hidden fear of heights in me. I have zip-lined before but my view was usually nature and not buildings and cars on the street. With that being said, this is the first and only urban zip line in the country that lets you experience being 500 ft up in the air while conveniently going to the other building (which I would recommend if you hate the stairs).

I literally cried the life out of me in this activity and looking back at it I felt such a loser. Hahaha! My companion felt so bad because you actually had to go back and forth the building via zip  line. The worst part was that they took pictures and hell I didn’t get any copy of mine crying! 😀


I really enjoyed the overall experience. It was exhilarating hence the next stop we made was at the famous food spot called Larsian. I had so little energy left but my stomach was ready to feast and I ended up eating 9 “puso“. I always had a stash of antihistamine in my bag just in case my allergy kicks in because of eating too much seafood. The most that I got were rashes but that didn’t stop me from devouring all those delectable sea creatures (sorry vegetarians).




Day 2 – October 3, 2015:

We were supposed to wake up at around 4:30 am to catch the bus that’ll take us to a 4-hour ride to the beach where you can do activities with the whale sharks. The plan was to arrive by 10 AM, easy-breezy do some activities and be back home by 6 or 7 PM and just roam around to explore the city. These things happen in my perfect world. We woke up around 8 and hurriedly prepared and left by 10 AM! Hahaha

We slept most of the 4-hour bus ride. By the time we got there, we were asked to join the next batch immediately as the tour guides and the whale sharks get to have their break by noon.

The underwater camera rental and whale shark interaction fee were surprisingly cheap. I can’t remember exactly but I think it was only around 600-800 pesos (this isn’t one of those travel guide blogs okay? HAHAHA).

If you don’t know me personally, you’d probably get all weird out as to why all my pictures were always by the seashore/shoreline and never in the water… any ideas?

Yes! I don’t know how to swim and I am afraid of the waters. 😦

This experience was really one for the books except for the part that I drowned too many times because the life guard won’t stop teaching me how to swim until I cried and said I have already had enough.

Although it was a gruesome experience to be in the waters, the pictures tell another story! I was dreading to look at them because I thought I might either look so disturbed or 100% loser but the heaven’s are good! I looked amazing in them! 🙂

We got home around 9 PM and it felt like the longest 4-hour bus ride of my life mainly because I wanted to pee but there was no toilet in the bus. We went home to change clothes and had dinner at STK ta Bay! Hella delicious and very affordable. We went home with happy tummies as I scratch my rashes away. Lol!



Day 3 – October 4, 2015:

We checked out at the hotel and left our bags at the concierge to make the most out of our remaining time in Cebu. We took a bath, looked great in our outfits, ready to roam the city. One of the parts of the itinerary was to go to this market that sells Cebu’s famous dried fish called “danggit“. The cab driver actually took us to the wrong market and we ended up riding a pedicab going to the correct location. It wasn’t a good one but I enjoyed it!

Now, this is the part were nobody warned us what the danggit market smelled like. We stayed there just for a good 5 minutes, but the stinky smell of those dried fishes got deep through our hair, our skin and yes, even through our undergarments! It was so bad we had to change our entire clothes and shower perfume. I know better now not to go there smelling fresh and clean.

After buying our pasalubong, we changed clothes and decided to have lunch at a place called Desert Factory and spent the last hours at the place I’ve marked even before the days we went to Cebu – La Vie Parisienne. We had cold cuts and cheese and good wine and it was perfect! I loved every bit of La Vie Parisienne and really felt bad that we only checked it out on the last day. I savored every minute spent there until we boarded back to Manila.



It was after all a very nice vacation.

Where have you been lately, reader?



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