NoizeWarp 1: Hypnotic Rays


It was drizzling that Sunday night but it was good, the weather gave enough room temperature for what was about to go down. Five bands owned the stage and shared a glimpse of their musical universe last August 23, 2015 for the NoizeWarp 1: Hypnotic Rays held at Archipelago 7107.

I wasn’t lucky enough to be there, I was meant to be there (insert arms flexing pose here) and it was such a gratifying moment. Each band had their own flare with the riffs and notes. Each of them owned their moment and personally took my mind wandering off again with their songs. Read on my personal musings about each of the group.

First on the list, Shutter Life.

Composed of Brixton Garcia (guitars), Jed Consolacion (guitars), Reneir Correa (bass), Eu Cabusas (drums) Shutter Life is painting instrumentals into vivid art.

Curves/Levels reminded me of how I am with my freaking life. Fast-paced and unpredictable in the beginning, trippy and without restraint. It reminded me of all the times I had acted foolishly before I have thought about the consequences… and just when I’ve figured out all the wrong moves that I have done, all the repercussion showers down on me and I can’t do anything about it. Slowly, steady and with all my strength I try to accept that shit just happens. when I reach that stage… calmness takes over. It doesn’t happen right away but it sure as hell takes place in time. Yes my dear reader, that song took me to that point!

Second on stage, the terrific (and I mean this a 100%) duo of Encyclopedia Frown.

This duo took me away! I really don’t read/pay attention to my notes up until I am on stage and I guess I should stop because it took me by surprise as I called out the members of the second band. I had a brief pause and couldn’t believe myself that there were only two band members but what shocked me most was that the other half of this duo is a 15-year old girl. Kaya Katigbak and Markus Bulandus has got life figured out as they amused everyone with their very own compositions using various instruments throughout their set.

3rd set’s for Starlight Replica

Singing out hope, peace and love the band is composed of Emman Gabuya, Ronald Biyo, Seb Delos Reyes and Jezer “Boc” Caballero. I knew they were a bunch of good boys the first time I saw them haha 🙂 When the band was together on stage, they had this feel good vibe that radiates across the platform and I really like that about them. I haven’t got the chance to get a copy of their album to further review their music but hopefully when our paths cross again. Along with the album, they’ve got cool merchandises as well that you could grab. Click on their name for more info. Nonetheless, their compositions were captivating and made me feel kilig. #Harot

Sound Architects on the 4th set consists of band mates Felix Cordova, Rjay Concepcion, Patrick Roxas and Johann Mendoza.

These sound architects sure know their thing. It was almost midnight, but being tucked in my bed was far from my idea. These beastie boys started playing one of their songs called ‘Seismos‘ and there goes my heart pounding to every beat of their drum and every chord they strung. It was shaking, moving… really fit for the title I must say. I personally attest that I listened to this even after the gig and discovered peace inside. It’s like when I encounter trouble sleeping just because it’s too quiet… I found serene amidst the chaos with their song seismos.

Need I say more? Last on the list but never the least… The Insektlife Cycle

They never ever fail to amuse me. It’s like my own personal brand of heroine (insert Edward Cullen here). But honestly, the feeling of amusement and being guzzled every time I hear their song is sensational in my ears. I still remember the day I got a copy of their album and raped the rewind button for 3 freaking days at work… I loved it that much. Song: Purpledrank

_ _ _

All night long my mind wandered with each song they played, I landed on a different world. These union of talented young artists continue to fuel the passion and desire not only to aim for prominence but the quintessence of music for the years to come.

Follow Noizewarp on Facebook to get the latest updates on their upcoming events. Support and see young talents grow and take on the world! 🙂



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