Charm Natividad – Simplicity at its finest.


There’s something irresistible about her when you meet her in person. Something that draws you closer and makes you want to spend more moments with her… maybe her smile? or every time she gives you a good laugh that shows her humor? Is it her fair skin or long locks? It was her warming personality in my case. šŸ™‚

A very down to earth person that holds a lot of potential in everything that she focuses her mind into. I remember months ago when we had this chat about her next plan in life. She wants to take on modelling and instantly I knew she needed support and push from the people close to her. She knows she can do it but the good thing about her is she always asks suggestions and seeks advise not because she wants to please but because she wants to take you on the ride. She let’s you know you are an important person to her by letting you know her aspirations and plans. She may be a sucker for love (ehem, I guess everyone is?) but she’ll show you how much the camera loves her as much! Get to know more about her and the beauty items she prefer šŸ˜€
Charm Natividad
School/s Attended: Chiang Kai Shek
University of Sto. Tomas (Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts)
University of the Philippines – Diliman (Legal Studies)
Current work: Sales Officer in Citibank
Projects/Photoshoots made: Zalora, The Modern Caveman Magazine, Local Edition Coffee shop etc.
When did you start modeling?
After graduating from UP-Diliman since I already have the time.
Is this a career you want to pursue or a dream you’re making come true?
Definitely a dream I’m making come true.
How do you manage your time being a full time banker and doing your photo shoots?
I focus as a banker on weekdays, I usually get home late, like 7PM because of overtimes at work. Then on weekends, I accept photo shoots.
How do you deal with posers and haters?
I don’t mind them at all. I mean, you can’t please everybody. I just don’t like the idea of people using my name for wrong doings.
If I were to raid your wardrobe now, what would be the 3 staples that I would find inside?
Plain black shorts, plain black dress and plain white shirt.
What’s your usual style?
I like to keep it simple so I usually wear shorts, sando (sleeveless undershirt) and a cardigan. Less is more.
Lipstick or lip blam?
Lipbalm (Burt’s Bees)
BB Cream or foundation?
Foundation (Shiseido)
Wedge or pumps?
How often do you workout?
I workout every other day.
What do you usually do in preparation for a photo shoot?
I sleep early. šŸ™‚
Favorite motivational quote to get by gloomy days:
“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” – Mexican Proverb
For bookings, kindly contact: +639334082220

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