Movie Review: Marvel’s Ant-Man

Ant-Man_poster   I honestly got baffled when I saw the trailer of this movie. I said out loud “This is ridiculous! The title itself is ridiculous! I hate it when they do nonsense films and people go watch it and waste their money thinking it’s a good movie just because it was promoted hardcore!” Then again, I ate it all up. I went and saw the movie and loved it! The story line itself was great although using the same scenario of an ex-con trying to start a new life and staying away from trouble was used in this film, it became enjoyable because of the supporting actors as well. It is not heavy and I can say I got out of the cinema feeling happier! 🙂  If you are not into too much cheesy stuff and more into action and comedy…well, you will certainly enjoy this movie. I say, take your date here because you guys will end up surely laughing and realizing Ant-Man isn’t a bad idea after all. Besides Paul Rudd showing his antics in this movie as Scott Lang/Ant-Man, Michael Peña sure shined a lot and made a lot laugh with his role as Lang’s cellmate and member of the heist team. I am trying so hard not to spill anything here readers but basically telling you that this is a feel good movie wrapped in action downsized to smaller scales but it works! Since this is a Marvel movie, I love the fact that the writers incorporated the story line with the other Marvel movies as well plus etc. I can’t wait to see the upcoming Marvel movies! Go see this one for yourself! Tell me if you enjoyed it or not 🙂 Rate: 8/10 IMG_1027-0

So what do you think?

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