Movie Review: Magic Mike XXL


It was unplanned. It was because of lack of choices. It was either Minions or this movie.  4 cinemas under Minions compared to 1 cinema with Magic Mike… and so we went for the underdog.

We bought the tickets around 7:20 PM. The closest showing time was 7:50 PM.  I was ecstatic but the lady behind the counter then said, “Puno na po ang 7:50 slot.” (The 7:50 slot is already full). In my mind I heard glasses and plates breaking! The next slot was 10:15 PM but we took it anyway.

There were some dull moments but when the oiled bodies start krumping and pumping it’s a whole different story.

I liked how every cast in this sequel now has their own moments where they stood out and shine and were more understood.

If you are into movies were you seek something meaningful etc this isn’t the movie to watch. Run. Fast. Now. But if you are into abs, muscles, dancing, oil, flying dollars, thongs, conventions in Myrtle Beach (if you want it formal), get distracted, laugh, abs and muscles again… then this is totally the movie for you!

I love their routines and how Childish Gambino and Matt Boomer in the movie said that they are healers for those women who aren’t treated by their husbands or boyfriends the way they are suppose to be.

I am a lesbian but yeah I enjoyed the movie but not enough to convert me 😀 It was funny enough for you and your friends to bond over with.

Rate: 6.5/10




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