Can I ask you something?

What do you call that person that criticizes what you do and then one day, you discover it’s what he/she likes from another person. It was okay if it was just some random person but what if  It’s your friend or best friend or relative… isn’t it freaking disappointing that they make you so insecure with yourself? They make you doubt yourself instead of jolting you higher.

As I grew up I realized how wonderful and amazing this planet is and how cruel the humankind are, including me. We get hurt, we do mistakes, we give out charity, love, create war, lie, smile, laugh, cherish… it’s all these abundant of feelings that can sometimes be a pressure to handle or accept.

I still wonder sometimes that Santa is real and that if I believe hard enough those magical creatures like the fairies and Jack Frost are still existing amongst us but you clearly know the reality and how harsh it is. Maybe that is why we have dreams and fantasies.. to became our push, our light along the way when nobody else is there anymore.

Whenever you encounter someone who makes you feel insecure or makes you doubt yourself, handle it with bravery and understanding that they may be going through something more difficult than yours. Be the better person and believe me… we are all more than the worth we think of ourselves when we are feeling down. Keep that head and spirit up high my reader 🙂

All the best.



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