“I feel like I am in this abyss…I have been dying to get out but don’t want too at the same time.

Stupidity gets the best of me often times.

I could go around all day typing words that’ll confuse you with what’s really wrong but that’s just wasting your time. And I don’t want that.

I need to make things happen and keep my head on the game.”

I wrote this draft way back the 6th of July, it is now the 10th. I often times make these drafts just to get a pause from whatever my day has been. Whether it may be good, great, bad or worst… I make sure I put a note to remember. I guess it is my simple way of appreciating life and not drowning into this pool of lifeless activities because in all essence, writing has been my breather. It may be different from you. It may be sitting down and reading a book, going out for a walk or riding a bike, climbing a mountain, cooking a dish or simply knitting. It varies. This world is so big and so crowded for you to say that you are bored or alone.

All you actually need is to understand yourself, prioritize what is important and know what you really want and where you excel. Get yourself out there. Yes, I know it is hard. Easier said than done, right? I know that. I’m no better than you just because I am writing this. A lot of times I slack and zone out just because I don’t like the situation but eventually it became my motivation to make ways how to accept it and make my way out of it.

I am growing so much each day. You are too and even if it seems someone out there is better than you, all you have to remember is that there is only one you, a unique mind, heart and soul… your very existence is your edge. Make it count.



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