Feature: Noisemantics

I am somewhat taken into a trance as I listen to each song in the album while writing this feature.

This can’t be a review because I will be bias and I am not credible enough to review music but I know good music when I hear one.

There are very few music nowadays that makes you wander when you hear them and this album gives me a ton of thoughts to dive into. Click here to listen.

Ronnel Vivo’s solo album entitled “Noisemantics” features 3 tracks (Bipolar Affect, When the Only Viable Move is not to Move and Happy Thoughts Bring Back Sad Memories) that I honestly have played over and over again for the last 3 days. It is riveting and there is no denying about it. It took my mind to places I haven’t revisited for quite sometime and it was exhilarating! It was like rediscovering something you haven’t actually touch-based before. I believe that’s the soul behind each good music. We have different genres that we appreciate and In my opinion, nobody really dislikes a certain type of music rather they just listen more with what preferably pleases them.

Read on as the artist shares to us some of his insight regarding this spectral album.

What is “Noisemantics”?

Noisemantics is the new name of my solo project. It was previously called ‘Noiseaux’ which is pronounced as Nausea because the first record I did was just a guitar-noise-improvisation that is devoid of melody and conventional song structure (apparently it wasn’t really a song) and I know that it would only appeal to listeners as something loathing and repugnant, that’s why I called it Noiseaux (Nausea). However, there is also a band named NoiseAux, so I’ve decided to change the name of my musical project and my brother helped me to come up with another name and that was Noisemantics. It embodies how eclectic the songs are in the Schizophrenic Cerebral Disruption EP, making it a bit hard to classify into a specific genre because it wasn’t created to project a specific classification in music, it was created to evoke the listeners to examine the essence or the soul of the songs.

What is the inspiration behind each track?

Actually I can’t remember how I came up with the songs I’ve written. There’s no specific or conscious inspiration or whatsoever when I’m writing songs. It was maybe an unconscious one because when I’m writing, I usually just set-up my instrument, sit in front of my desktop and just let the visceral forces in me to take hold of the process. It’s spontaneous and unconscious but it’s satisfying because you can feel how organic the songs are. It significantly embodies your emotion unlike manufactured music in which one should strictly follow a formula in creating one. With this project, there’s no formula, no restricton, no boundaries, just plain spontaneity.

When did you start playing your instruments and mixing your own songs?

I started to play my own instrument, when I already had my own one because apparently I no longer need to
borrow an instrument to the guy next door. Does that make sense? Haha

It’s not funny at all.

On mixing my own songs, I think I’ve been doing that for 7 years or so. It started when my band HATURE (Death Metal genre) had enough materials to make a full length album, but we were only students then and we’re not from a rich family so we couldn’t afford to record our songs in the comfort of a pro recording studio. I’ve decided to be the one to do it. We just record the drum track in the most affordable studio we could find around Manila and we only do the 8 tracks for an hour or so. Then other tracks like the guitar, bass, vocals were recorded at home
with just a PC mic yet the results were decent. Since then, we record and mix our own songs because it is more satisfying, you have the liberty to do whatever you want, you have all the time, unlike in a pro-studio where you should keep track of the time or else it would cost you a lot of money.

And why should we bestow the responsibility to other people of how we should sound like in the record? We wanted to maintain the identity of the band so we chose to do it by ourselves.

This experience is the genesis of my own musical project (Noisemantics). When I have free time, I write and record my own song. It gives me more space and  a break from my other band so I wouldn’t grow tired of it. It also helps me widen my musical spectrum.

What is your message to your fellow musicians who are doing indie music as well?

Should I give a message to them? I mean, I’m not known and influential, my shit wouldn’t matter to them because you know they wouldn’t listen if they think you’re not credible enough. Credibility for them come from how many likes you have on your Facebook fan page, from the studio where you record your songs, from the music video you have (it should be hi-def), from how expensive your musical instrument is or how many FX pedal you have in your board or if you’re using analog pedal or digital multi-FX or using analog pedal, is it a boutique pedal? From how you look in the stage, do you really look cool or do you have the same apparel with the member of your favorite band you wanted to portray? From how close you sound like to the
genre you’re projecting, from how long have you been in the scene, from how you are true to the form, from an infinite list of shit this “indie” musician is projecting.

See? Do I really need to say something to them? I think, it’s not necessary because they’re too pre-occupied with their illusions. I’m excluding myself to their scene, I don’t care about the shit they’re doing because all they do with the majority of their time is to rant about their coolness in Facebook, fuck that shit.

In the end… Yeah. Well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

11714428_1199349550080031_2115840970_n nengf

All songs are written & arranged by Ronnel Vivo
Mixed & mastered by Ronnel Vivo
Recorded at Sound Carpentry Site
Album design by Ronaldo Vivo Jr.
Schizophrenic Cerebral Disruption, 2013
Sound Carpentry Recordings
For inquiries contact him through ronnelvivo@gmail.com



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