Feature: Geena Rocero

One of the greatest things in life is being able to make a difference, being able to move people’s perspective and being able to make ones life less of a burden than it was before. You may not be able to change the world, but you were able to touch ones heart… and that makes all the difference.

Last week, I have never even heard of Geena Rocero. I was in one of the meetings with an event organizer pitching their service to us when in one portion they mentioned that they can invite Geena Rocero to be one of the speakers and discuss LGBT issues here in the Philippines.

I got intrigued but being so busy with work it was just really this morning that I actually got to watch her speech in TED Talks.

It was morning and I was on my way to work. I bowed down while watching the video not because I was shy of what I was watching but because I didn’t want to take the driver’s attention away from the road. I was teary-eyed. I was moved of how supportive her family can be with her decision and adored her more when she didn’t stop after getting herself changed but made sure she can help other people struggling with the same issue because of lack of the support system. 

She revealed herself and came out in the most intellectual and influential way as possible not for her personal gain (she didn’t need attention anymore, she was already a model) but to reach out to the youth and make them feel they are not alone and avoid going to the dark side.  

We all have different things in life that we consider important. Different situations that move us. And this is the one for me. I may be just a small voice but I am thriving to be the best version of me each day. To be braver. To be stronger. And no matter what your stand is  my dear reader, I hope you thrive for the same aspect in your life too. 🙂


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