Achieving Goals

By next week It’ll be my second month in my new job.

I have realized a lot of things when I got here.

  • the fine line between the poor, middle class and upper class in the society will always be a fine line
  • people get together based on their status quo but once in awhile will let you in to their world or you let them in to your world, whichever happens based on the situation
  • you would start noticing someone’s difference from you just because both of you grew up and knew things in different perspectives hence one should never really judge
  • you should always know how to get along all types of people
  • frustration only happens when you let things get into your head


I have been working for 4 years now.  I started working when I was 18 and knew life can be really tough. Back then I believed that if a person works hard and works right they can extend the ladder to get to higher grounds. I believed that people in all walks of life can actually mingle with each other and have a decent talk without judgement or prejudice (but there always is).

I’ve always had the same type of office mates who had to save money, had to commute, dreamed of getting a car, own house and  lot, getting to Paris, getting around the world, owning a Prada or Hermes, a driver or own a business.

Hence, we get together! Our humor is always set on when life gives us lemons!

When I got here, as I got to know them… I realized they were naturally conyo. BUT they have all the right to be conyo. In fact, I can’t even use the term conyo on them because they are not conscious with how they are. It was just really how they were. It was basically just a term coined by the witty middle class people who got annoyed with how the upper class people were.

  • the fine line

Yes I have experienced a few fancy things in life. It was either I saved up to experience it or it was given to me as a treat. I knew people who has luxurious lifestyles,  who has this and that or owns these and those and has 6 figures of a salary or more! I realized that life was really set to have that fine line. Even if the more privileged people got out of their comfort zones and took some time off to do some charity work, at the end of the day… they are still rich and the poor stays poor.

  • the status quo

Ofcourse there are exceptions, we have those under the rags to riches story and the vice versa. Nonetheless people use both types of stories as inspiration and example in life. Inspiration, that it is not impossible to achieve your goals and have comfort in life and example to make sure you don’t get back to the slums or end up in that place.

As Wiki explains in sociological sense, status quo generally applies to maintaining or changing existing social structure and values.  Hence if you don’t have the same status quo, more likely there will be some gaps and differences you may find which will opt you to decide that it’s better to stay away and and not be judged. It applies both ways. Whether you’re rich trying to make friends to the middle or lower class or the other way around.

Sometimes it works and you can mingle with them but I highly suggest you stop reaching out if you vibe they really don’t want you around. Stop being with the people who can’t accept who you really are as a person.

  • differences

Since you knew life and existed in a different way than they are, you do not have the right to judge them for their ways. It goes the same with them (whichever type of people you are my reader). And since you are the one reading this and not them, be the bigger person and understand if they judge you or make fun of you. Turn the other cheek and walk away. Show them what you’ve got in other ways… say, doing good in your job or sharing your talent or writing something regarding the recent changes you’ve experienced and finding a solution instead of dwelling on the problem. 🙂 (Uh-ha!)

  • getting along with everyone

This is impossible. You cannot please everyone. So stop. The phrase “getting along with everyone” is knowing how to present yourself and interact with all types of people even if you hate them or have a crush on them or love them or want to kill them. Having a professional attitude in work, school or in public shows how well mannered you are and that you can take sh*t and it won’t matter because you are well composed.

At the end of the day the results you show are really what matters and not what they think… as long as they’re not the boss. You don’t mess with the boss, honey.

  • frustration

It happens to everyone. So don’t be melodramatic thinking you are the only person who has a problem in the world and that all people should treat you nicely. Everyone has problems. Everyone is going through something, so whatever it is you are dealing with don’t take it so damn hard. Be rational (even if it’s difficult).

Life is too short to be problematic or to try and fit into  something that you don’t really fit in (round peg in a square hole). You can be a maverick! Or embrace being that round peg! 😀

Don’t try to change just because they don’t like you.

You are you!

You are unique like everyone else is 🙂



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