New Job

It was bittersweet leaving my previous office but deep inside I was feeling okay. It was like a heavy burden has been dislodged from me. I stayed there as long as I could because I loved the people that I work with but when a window of opportunity presented itself, who am I to refuse?

It was the 24th of March when I went to my office around 11 in the morning. It was my clearance day. I have already set my OOO (Out Of the Office notification) to let everyone know I was no longer connected with the Shared Services Center.

Come the next day and I suit myself up! I woke up early, wore my best looking office outfit and went with a smile… not to apply but to go on my first day at my new job! 🙂

Yes! You read it right. I started the next day after my last day at my previous work.

Gone were the bum days that I dreamed of! Nonetheless, I am really happy with my new job mainly because I get to be paid with the things that I love doing. Writing and Research!

I am happily sharing with you guys that I have been transferred to our main office as their new Research Analyst / Writer under the Markets Team! 😀

It is mainly a whole new world for me. People at the main office are more posh but they are so far treating me just fine.

They have a totally different work ethic and culture than in the SSC. I am mostly quiet here being a newbhie.

And on my 1st month here at work I was already included in our Boracay trip!

In some ways it is kinda funny because Boracay is the last place here in Philippines that I’d seek adventure or go to for a vacation. Boracay is beautiful but it has been main streamed for too long. If you’re the type of person who loves the night life… this is the place to go.

Going back to the topic, I got to bond with them for a little and see how they are outside of the office.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for a good year. 😀

1560442_10204058214711806_228824742823559923_n (1)

(c) tinacornejo


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