May 10, 2015 – Silantro’s at Kapitolyo

Reunited with Teysah G! 😀

Weeks before, Tessa had asked me to come with them as they scour the streets of Pasig for good food!

Ofcourse I have suggested that we go to Kapitolyo as it offers variety of food. 😀

We met around 9PM and set our way off to Kapitolyo. I took them to Silantro’s hoping they wouldn’t mind the “always” long queue there but most importantly find the food delicious.

They were patient as always and happy to be with. It was fun seeing them and being able to catch up with how they lives were.

I have known them since I was 19 and they have really seen me go through my ups and downs. Going back to the food, we ordered ribs, nachos and burrito. And I was really glad that they loved every bit of it! Even the sauces 😀

Silantro’s Ribs 8/10

It was a good day indeed!


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