May 1 – 2 – 3 , 2015

Labor Day or Araw ng Manggagawa in Tagalog is celebrated every 1st of May in the Philippines.

May 1 happens to be a Friday for this year and everyone is so pumped up for their long weekend.

I had plans of my own although it did changed the day itself due to some unforeseen event… but the show must go on as they say! I took Thirdy (my 6 year old cousin) to the City of Dreams Manila, not to gamble okay! Of course I would’t take a child anywhere near a gambling area…….. OKAY! Moving forward you judgmental reader of mine, I took Thirdy to the DreamPlay by Dreamworks which happens to be located inside the City of Dreams Manila.

It is an interactive, indoor theme park for kids and kids-at-heart! 🙂 

The activities inside are divided into 6 sections as per below:


-Fast as Lightning Kung Fu Fighting

-Wall of Destiny



-Shrek’s Swamp Stomp

-Gingy’s Kitchen



-How to Fly Your Dragon



-Whatever Floats Your Boat

-Afro Circus






-Dream Studio

-Dreamtales Library

-Dream Theatre

Thirdy and I did had a lot of fun although because of the number of people who went there due to the holiday we weren’t able to maximize the experience. Four hours wasn’t enough but the most important thing was that Thirdy enjoyed every bit of the bonding that we had! 🙂

I also bought him a “How to Train Your Dragon” shirt at the souvenir shop just beside the entrance of the DreamPlay. It was easy breezy going as well since they provided shuttle services within SM Malls which happens to be all over the Philippines!!! 😀

We got home around 8PM and showed Thirdy’s pictures and videos to our family.

Around midnight, my older cousins… basically the teenagers were wanting to have some food trip.

I told them I was coming with them not telling them my agenda was to secretly take them to Mercato at BGC. They couldn’t to anything but come with me since I have the money.

My cousins, like me when I was their age were timid and shy. I really see myself in them so as much as possible I try to give them this experience since nobody was really around to give it to me back then.

I told them to order any of the food that they want and my goodness it was a fight! They didn’t want to go around nor try the variety of food Mercato offers. I forced them until they gave in and finally told what they really wanted. 

Two of my cousins were from Cavite so we walked around BGC to show them the place and took some candid photos. We got home around 3AM and they were all so sleepy on the ride home. I felt protective of them because I was the oldest person that was with them. I really love them but ofcouse I just tease them. I used to be a teenager so I know it feels awkward to say that! 😀

May 2

I woke up early despite sleeping in around 4AM.

I did something stupid here that forever changed the course of my life but will not disclose it anymore.

Moving forward, I decided to check in at Guijo Suites in Makati and be alone for sometime. I wasn’t really able to sleep well and pretty much was out all the time but I knew I needed that space.

May 3

Woke up unintentionally early again and took a bath and ate from their buffet breakfast. It was good that I woke up early because it was Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. which was dubbed as The Fight of the Century.

Different nationalities went out and watched near the lobby area. You could see they were also routing for Manny.

Honestly, not because I am a Filipino but because I just really felt it was unfair… I was quite disappointed Floyd won the title but life goes on and even Manny got over it.

After the fight, I checked out and went to Rockwell. I bought 2 movie tickets for myself and spend my entire day in the cinema house. 

I went home feeling so and so…

Tomorrow’s gonna be another day to face.



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