January 3, 2015

Celebrating the joy of life! We have 3 birthdays for today 🙂

Lolo Terong’s (Lolo means grandfather) 92nd, Nanay Rosie’s (Nanay means mother, although she’s actually Souris’ grandmother, they prefer to call her Nanay) and my cousin Rhoma’s 12th birthday.

Celebrants from different walks of life.

I went to the Louis Philip Kee for Tinette & Co. Salon Professionals around 12 PM to have my hair colored and treated. I was lucky enough to be selected as one of their models to represent them on January 7th live at ANC (Abs Cbn News Channel) as they present what will be “in” for 2015 hairstyles.

This was the result of the 8-hour stay I had in there.


My cousins from Cavite went home and as soon as my hair was done I immediately went home to see them. The first thing I did was to go my Lolo’s bedroom to greet him and take a picture. He’s already blind by the cataract on both his eyes and have been forgetful but he sure is still sweet.

He was supposed to have surgery on his eyes so he can still see but the doctor said it would be too risky for his age. So we decided not to push through. He’s still as happy as a lad though 🙂

tumblr_nhlr5h3VwB1qafiywo1_1280And then I bonded with my adorable cousins!

My most favorite to play with is Thirdy :). The youngest of all cousins, he got the nickname Thirdy because he’s the 3rd grandson and the 3rd to carry the name Antero Merced. 😀 Hahaha


By the end of the night, I was able to convince Thirdy to have an overnight at our place again so he can see Souris (which was already sleeping by that time, she still has to go to work by 8am the next morning).

Thirdy, although denying it has a crush on Souris. Not the malice type but he loves playing with her and that sort.

Souris got surprised and hugged Thirdy when she saw him. 🙂

It was indeed a FUN night!



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