January 2, 2015

Today has been a mix of sadness and happiness as some of the bodies from AirAsia #QZ8501 has been recovered. My prayer goes out to those families who’ve had to face the new year in tears as missing flights have been happening several times for the past few months.

The entire day was traffic-free and crowd-free except if you go to the malls.

I opened my memory jar from 2014 today. It was almost full. I was ecstatic as I try to open each folded note.


I can’t help but smile as I contemplate on how each day of my 2014 had happened. Yes, bad times can’t be avoided but it’s those times that made me stronger and more thankful with the blessings that I have… and more importantly made me knew God more deeply.

At that time, when I was still writing down each day of my 2014, there were times that I felt it was tedious work even though I was just writing down notes. But after being able to read the days of my 2014, it changed and I guess I need to be grateful to my 2014 self for not giving up on not forgetting to write each day.

I highly suggest you start your own memory jar. I never opened up to anyone I actually had one although my partner already knew by the time I made the decision that I’ll start doing it.

It was not only today when I posted the picture on Instagram that people knew I had one.

There were some really troubled days that I’ve had and sometimes thought of not including it anymore but I guess part of moving on is being able to write it down, or share the problem to someone and not keeping it all in. It’s accepting the fact that It had already happened and you can’t take it back anymore but you still got tomorrow to make sure you’re able to write a better one than yesterday. 😀

Always look at the brighter side of life… no matter how hard. 🙂





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