Box-Office Report: The Hobbit, Unbroken Beat Into the Woods


Betting against Disney is usually a bad idea, but not this time: Into the Woods opened this weekend and came in third at the box office behind The Hobbit and Unbroken.

But just because Into the Woods didn’t top the box office doesn’t mean it bombed. The film grossed $15.1 million Christmas day, meaning it had the fourth largest Christmas day opening gross in history behind 2009’s Sherlock Holmes, 2012’s Les Miserables, and this year’s Unbroken.

Although Unbroken beat Into the Woods on both their opening days and opening weekends, the two were neck and neck: Into the Woods made $15.1 million Christmas day, Unbroken made $15.9 million. Into the Woods made $31 million over the weekend, Unbroken made $31.7 million. As it turns out, audiences were equally intrigued by the star-studded musical and the Oscar-ready drama.

But neither of these new releases could outshine The Hobbit: The Battle of…

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