10 Perfect Date Restaurants—for Budgets Under P500: Third Stop – Almon Marina


1) Mad Mark’s

2) Gram’s Diner


Last October 4 (and yes I am sorry for the late post) we went to Almon Marina to eat after doing our grocery shopping.

This was one of the restaurants that I replaced in Spot.PH’s list because we’ve gone too many times at the other restaurants that they have featured.

The first thing that we noticed was that the crowd was too old for us BUT we were there for the food so we let the taste buds be the judge!

We decided to order the Fillet Mignon (US beef wrapped with bacon, rice pilaff and herb vegetables) and Double Pasta with 1 pc roast chicken and garlic bread – it already comes with 1 glass of Iced tea.

The place will give you the vibe of an old Spanish-styled place with it’s interior design of rubble on the wall.

The pasta was served earlier than the fillet mignon, it was tasty and the garlic bread was good as well. It was supposed to be 2 sets of different pasta but Souris and I both wanted the Alfredo pasta… so there. The chicken wasn’t dry (good to know) and the sauce was close enough to being a barbecue sauce-like taste which I wasn’t expecting. I wanted an edgier taste… from how the restaurant was giving off it’s vibe to me, a unique flavor or somewhat secret recipe sauce but nahhh.


The fillet mignon sauce was amazing on the other hand! Although if you’re really into rice, this isn’t the meal that’s going to suffice your tummy.

The fillet mignon was affordable enough for it’s price and delicious as well.

Our total bill was Php509.25 and that already includes their  5% service charge.



If I would categorize them based on what we had experienced and ordered they would probably fall under a 7.

Food: 7

Ambiance: 6

Affordability: 8

Watch out as I further unfold the remaining 7 restaurants on my list!



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