Madison Cruz 2

Her heart was beating so fast with a thousand scenarios going through her mind.

She was fighting the tears to fall down her grimy cheeks.

What will happen if she opens up that door?

Where will her things be?

Will there still be a place to call home?

Will there still be a person to love?

It was like playing a guessing game with all the odd answers only on her mind.

She finally enters the gate of the house, goes up the stairs… exhales, peeps through the holes of the screen door to check if any of her clothes are out, then slowly comes in like a mouse trying to hide from the cat.

There on the sofa chair, she was greeted “Long time no see!” happily said by her partner’s uncle.

All she returned was a fake smile because she knows she’s not even gotten through half of her battle.

She knocked through the door… then knock again, hearing the toy dog barking eagerly wanting for the door to be opened.

Then she hears the click of the latch.

The door opens up and when she finally saw the room again, all she wanted was to back out.

She wasn’t ready to face the truth but that was the reason she was in that position in the first place… she never faced the problems.

She entered and saw Clair in perspiration. She looked at the floor and it indicates she was working out at that moment.

“Why are you here?” Clair asked and then followed by “Are you about to take your things now?”

She was firm, no clues to indicate that she’s willing to take Madison back.

All Madison answered were tears while looking down at the floor.

Clair softly took Madison’s wrist and told her to sit.

They sat on the floor where Clair was working out a few minutes ago.

In between sobs and hugs, Madison tried to mutter the words “I am so sorry.”

But all Clair wanted was for her to stop crying so she could understand the words she’s saying.

She was starting to get irritated with all the tears and the mumbling.

“Why didn’t you stay at your place? Where are you going to stay? Do you want me to help you look for a place to stay? You can stay here but you have to pay for the rent and stuff BUT have to leave as soon as you find a new place.”

Clair’s questions was driving Madison dizzy, her tears poured out like drizzle on a humid day.

She tried to control her tears and told her what happened with her, her realizations, her sorry’s, her shortcomings and how she missed the place and wants to start over again.

She told her how badly she wants to hug her and feel her and kiss her.

It was a gruesome experience she doesn’t want to experience ever again.

Love is unpredictable.

Love is the most explainable thing here on Earth.

And true love is rare.

To have a person so patient and would ever believe in the goodness in you is more than winning all the riches in the world.

Nobody wants to be alone.

And as Clair told Madison to rest, Madison knew she has been forgiven.

In her mind she knows she’s got a lot of pieces to pick up and fix and make sure the remaining part doesn’t break any further.

It’s going to be tough proving yourself but it’s not going to be as hard if you know who you are and you know how to face the problem.

“I will never run away from my problems. I will never make excuses.” She said  to end her prayer with God, as she fell asleep with Clair back in her arms

— Madison Cruz




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