Movie Review: A Walk Among The Tombstones – Always the best one yet for Liam Neeson



People are afraid of all the wrong things.


The audience at the cinema were all gasping at the edge of their seats anticipating what would happen next in the scene – I can testify to that.

I even had already shouted ‘Putek!’  holding as tight as I could onto the arms of the person I was with while watching the movie. It was a good 2 seconds before I had realized I had already shouted at the same time with the crowd… only that we had different catch phrases.

This movie is too good to miss it on the big screen! 

Neeson is able to take you to a whole new platform every time he portrays a role. One that you can truly identify…differentiate from his other roles though somehow showing resemblance.

In this film, Neeson portrays as a private investigator Matthew Scudder who gets hired by a drug kingpin in order to track down the people who kidnapped and murdered his wife.


Matthew Scudder is an old school to the way he tracks down clues and unlocks mysteries — which most likely isn’t the most convenient compared to technology nowadays. Until Scudder meets a homeless boy named TJ (Bradley) in a library, who self- proclaimed himself as Scudder’s partner.


The movie gets more intensified as a 14- year old girl gets kidnapped — still relating to the case that he is on. At this moment, Scudder’s not holding back anymore. As he tries to apprehend the pervert perpetrators, Scudder associates his decisions and actions unto the 12 step program of Alcoholics being that he has been sober for a good 8 years.

Mysteries will be unveiled, unlikely friendships will be formed, confessions will be made and surely people will pay for the sins they have done and someone will do justice to the lives taken.


It is quite a story line, I should say and it is quite refreshing compared to his previous roles before. One thing is for sure: Neeson will never fail to make you want to watch out for the next movies he will be on.

My question for you is Are you sure you are afraid of the right things? Go find out yourself and watch this movie.

As for me, this is an eye opener.

A Walk Among The Tombstones is distributed by Solar Pictures. Showing at your favorite theaters on September 19.




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