September 13, 2014

I wasn’t able to do anything else for Friday. I basically rested all day but for Saturday, I made sure I could at least go out and have my braces adjusted.

I woke up 8 AM just in time to take my antibiotic medication due to my excision last Thursday.

I got around 10 AM at the dental clinic. When the dentist saw my braces, she said that by October 11 I could return and their supervisor can check if it can already be removed and I can start using retainers.

After that we decided to go to the mall to eat. I was hoping we could dine at the 3rd restaurant on my list but Souris was craving for Jolli Spaghetti. So, of course we went there! 🙂

After eating there, we dropped off at Happy Lemon just to have something sweet.

IMG00987-20140913-1353 IMG00988-20140913-1353

IMG00990-20140913-1355 IMG00991-20140913-1355


And passed by Cyberzone as well to canvass for laptops and cellphones.

While we were at the Sony Centre testing the PSP Vita, I noticed we didn’t have our big umbrella anymore which Souris was supposed to be carrying. We have been experiencing monsoon rains for the past few weeks and big umbrellas come in handy — get it? get it? 😀

Anyway, we went back to all the stores we have been to, just to remember at the last moment that we left it at Happy Lemon! 😀

Last stop was at JCO Donuts so that I could splurge on my avocados.



It’s also the first day I got to wear my watch that Souris restored. I was really surprised when she did! 😀 Such a sweet girl!

10668270_817470258297963_775770421_n 10695145_817470264964629_346751775_n mariel


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