10 Perfect Date Restaurants—for Budgets Under P500: Second Stop- Gram’s Diner


10 Perfect Date Restaurants—for Budgets Under P500

Last time, we visited Mad Mark’s at Kapitolyo, Pasig and really had a great time.

Our second stop is at Gram’s Diner at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

When we ordered, I asked for the recommended dishes from Spot.PH, unfortunately the Country Fried Chicken wasn’t available anymore and was replaced by the Smothered Chicken which I ordered. Souris went for the Pork chop dish. We also tried ordering their milkshakes but unfortunately the strawberry flavor that we wanted wasn’t available. We tried ordering a strawberry cake BUT was also not available, until finally the waitress said that all the strawberry desserts were not available, some delivery/supply issue (understandable).

We were excited, but beforehand we already knew we were already over Php 500. It wasn’t a big deal though, times are tough, gotta bring those prices up to stay in the game.

The first thing we noticed when we came in was that it was actually kind of hot, the place wasn’t well ventilated.

The other crowd celebrating his birthday there had a fan placed in front of them.

The place, even though not well ventilated anymore had a really nice design for their ceiling. I guess sooner or later they’ll be renovating the place or at least maybe change their AC unit.

IMG00953-20140911-1728 IMG00960-20140911-1733 IMG00959-20140911-1733


Pretty sure I wasn’t against the light in this shot.



The food was good, I loved what I ordered. It was creamery and the smashed potato tasted best in their gravy recipe plus the cheese on top really gave it a special kick! 😀

Souris also liked not loved the pork chop but seriously loved their gravy recipe. She’s not a fun a herb-ish recipes so she didn’t like that there were rosemary and thyme on her pork chop but I LOVED IT! I love vegetables 😀





The food was nice and we of course had a good time as well. 🙂 Our bill though went over Php 142.68 😀




Can’t wait for the third restaurant!!! 🙂

IMG00967-20140911-1742 mariel



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