September 10, 2014 – Constant Battling with Life

I knew today wasn’t gonna be one of those good days, you just wake up and you know a lot of things will go wrong and you just have to make sure it doesn’t get the best out of you. Just like Taylor Swift’s song… I shake it off.

I woke up early, I was supposed to bring Ate C’s new items to sell to my office mates BUT it was raining so damn hard without even a cab passing by, Souris decided I just go without the items.

Life = 1 Me = 0

It was a not so nice ride going to the office especially when your feet and legs are wet from the rain. When I opened my pouch and reached for my phone to update Souris… it wasn’t there. Damn! I actually forgot my phone at the bed!

Life= 2 Me = 0

I immediately went to the comfort room to dry myself up. When I got to the office I was 15 minutes early. 🙂

Life = 2 Me = 1

I took out my food for lunch in my little red eco bag, I was going to put it in the fridge to make sure it doesn’t spoil as it was my favorite filipino dish — Sinigang! 🙂

It was inside a paper bag, which when I took out was already wet from the rain as well. I was in a hurry to get it inside the fridge when –BLAST!!!! The paper bag couldn’t hold on anymore and my food splattered all over the carpet just right in front of the door to the pantry.

Great timing for Life = 3 Me = 1.

I was about to get upset because Sinigang na Baboy was a favorite dish of mine. I could eat 3 cups of rice with that viand! But I knew it was too early to get upset, I ordered food from the delivery service that goes around the building even though I don’t like their food.

An hour before lunch time I was already listing the things I knew I had to accomplish within my 1 hour lunch.

It was raining… it stops and starts in ways that was just too annoying for me. It was like it was hindering me from finishing my to-do list easily.

I had to go to the bank to en-cash a cheque first, It was already 11:25 by the time I got to the bank because I got lost.

Life= 4 Me = 1

But when I got in the bank, I was first in line 😀

Life = 4 Me = 2

I took a cab going to SnR to buy pizza as a small treat to my office mates. Basically paying my blessings forward. But before that, I went to another bank to deposit some money.

Life = 4 Me = 3

After buying the pizza and Ice Cream, the rain started pouring AGAIN!!! But… I shook it off. I had an umbrella, I was wearing slippers… I was ready! 😀 I walked through the rain and crossed the street to the office.

Everyone appreciated my treat and effort! 😀

PicMonkey Collage

Life = 4 Me = 4

My date with Souris had to be cancelled since the weather was unpredictable,

We settled at Buffalo Swing and devoured our dinner. We even forgot to take a picture of it! It was a very fun and delicious dinner! 😀





BV = 5 Me = 5

When we got home we rested for awhile and then ate the Tillamook Mudslide ice cream. It was so good and it made me feel comfortable and happy despite trying to get over the bad vibes happening from time to time.

1908418_10203998899125944_8315108720690667761_nLife = 5 Me = 6

It was tough constantly getting over what life throws at you but you just actually have to be prepared and always remember that somebody out there is having much more difficulty in life than yours, so always be kind and keep it cool. 🙂

Mariel Opto keepin’ it cool since ’92!



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