September 7, 2014

We woke up almost mid day, watched a few movies, exchanged jokes, cuddled until we decided it was time to go out and have a date! 🙂

We went to Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats at Kapitolyo, Pasig which is included in my Top 10 List of Perfect Date Restaurants for Budget under Php 500.

10637864_911114048904465_818869527_n 10654007_911114008904469_22510878_n

After that, we went home to our house at Bambang and spent the rest to the day there playing with Ysobel, watching, surfing the internet.

It was already 10 PM when we decided to go home.

As the trike took a turn I saw that the spa that replaced the space for Video City had already opened. Being that we love massages and massage spas are popping out like mushrooms here and there, I told her I wanted to try it like the other 3 spas that opened a few months ago.


It’s name is Touch Therapy and it is the newest in town. They were proud to claim that their the spa that genuinely does massage and doesn’t turn it into a nail spa etc.

They even have the thera-fish spa! 😀


10408740_1459359754345821_4621943730472260309_n 10678776_1459359787679151_86710238276052407_n




It was a good experience and since they just recently opened, we enjoyed their 20% off on the massages! 😀

We got home around 12 midnight and slept very soundly.




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