September 5, 2014

Oh Friday, All I could say was… really… thank God it’s Friday! I had so much to do with so little time.

But of course, “Friday” always cheers everyone at the office. Little work to do and more time to bond. 😀



Coincidentally, we were also celebrating for the August Celebrants!!! Whooo! 😀



I got out of work around 1 PM and made my way to do groceries for Tasha and Ysobel and some of our toiletries. It was hell tiring doing it all alone carrying 3kgs of dog food for Ysobel and 5kgs for Tasha plus 3 other bags! On the other hand, it was work out for my arms so I considered it a Win-Win situation. 🙂 *Optimistic*

And around dinner time (late dinner time) the Corporate Team met up at Seaside Dampa, Macapagal Blvd. We did good for our August stats and this is the management’s way of giving us a pat on the back. I brought Souris with me 🙂

Here are some of the pictures:

(c) Marlon

(c) Marlon



We also bought a toy for Ann to bring home to Asha. The others went out to drink else where but we decided to call it a night since we still had to deliver Tasha’s supplies tomorrow morning.

It was a very productive day 😀 I had a great time with the people that I love!




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