Mission: Find Tasha A Home

Reader, meet Tasha.


She is an 8 month old female Labrador who’s owners are in dilemma of finding a temporary home.

Her human mommy happens to be working in Singapore while her human daddy is trying to move to a new residency.

That leaves Tasha in need of a temporary home while her human daddy finds them a new one.

Ann, the human mommy, messaged me through Facebook  (29/08/2014) about their situation.

Ann was in an emotional state not wanting to give up Tasha just because of the problem.

I knew the feeling of course, that’s why the moment I knew about it, I had to do something to help them out.

Dogs will never give up on you no matter what. They will love you unconditionally and in times like this a little help will go a long way for Tasha to still have her family and a permanent home.

So I asked friends, my brother, posted pictures on dog groups… it all seemed next to impossible.

I was ready to take her in even if I knew the situation wasn’t okay with the house as well being that my sister is about to give birth to a child and I already have Ysobel with us and a not so big home for 2 large breeds to roam around… still, my last option was to take her in if all else fails.

I kept messaging my brother asking for permission in between posting notifications on social networking sites. Some were helpful enough to re-post it

Lou Belie @mavisGal Thank you!

Lou Belie @mavisGal Thank you!

And finally after some time, someone finally took Tasha in. It was my office mate Velz who opened their doors for Tasha. Surprisingly, she calls it a blessing taking Tasha into their home and I am really happy to know that, it only means I really got a good person to take care of her for the mean time.

One simple gesture can make a big difference into someone’s life, make that a dog’s life.

I thank Velz so much for accepting Tasha kindheartedly and sees it as a good opportunity for their dog Hachi to have a playmate.

doghouse4002 mariel


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