Life 101

You will go through a series of problems in your life. It’s a matter of how you handle and take it. You have to have a positive out look in life… blah blah blah.

Nope, this isn’t going to be one of those blogs, all sugar coated.

I have had my fair share of downs in my life and I can be very emotional sometimes. I tend to think that it is the end of the world when shit happens. It felt like I was trapped in a room with no doors and windows… just the walls moving towards me, waiting to squeeze every faith and hope that I have left.

I cry a lot. I cry it all out… until my eyes hurt from crying all day.

But yes, I got through all of them, some I am still moving on… I made mistakes along the way, trying to fix myself up because that’s the sidekick of problems especially when you don’t have the right guidance beside you.

I have had friends whom I thought were the bad people before, little did I know they were actually trying to save me. I have had friends who weren’t actually my friends… just there to see me crumble. Now, no matter what happens, after some time those wounds that you’ve inflicted to your good friends? That’ll heal and I tell you, no matter what happens… keep them. They are treasures.

When I look at them, I remember how stupid I was in the past and how I don’t want to be like that anymore.

They didn’t have to shove it off my face.

When you finally get a partner in your life, you make sure they know your past so they can understand how you are in the present and how you both will be in the future.

Make sure your partner doesn’t use your past against you but instead helps you to get through it.

Acceptance is a must! It may be hard to accept that you had a very shitty past but you must accept it to move on with a happy life, make sure that when your partner talks you out from your mistakes is not by dragging you 6 feet under again by digging up about your past issues but by encouraging you how far you’ve accomplished from before.

By not mentioning how low life you must have been before you met him or her and it’s now getting easier because they actually allowed you into their lives.

Getting through a shitty past is hard enough let alone having a partner whose “all knowing” connecting every detail of your mistake in the past to your present life.

You need to free yourself form that, not having a partner playing connect the dots from your past to your present.

You should feel morally equal with them. You do not let yourself down.

Accept the mistake. Learn then move on.

It doesn’t mean you won’t slip a few times but what matters is you learn.

You keep those lessons and someday, I promise you… you’ll be better and stronger.


If your partner, who’s supposed to be encouraging you in positive ways, leaves you behind…

Then they are not the ones you should be with AT ALL.


It’s going to be a long freaking hard journey till you find that genuine happiness but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Okay, Iel?

Now go and put your game face on.

Cheer up.




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