August 19, 2014 – Happy Anniversary!

It was just like yesterday when I first walked in to the office of JLL. It was August 19, 2013, Monday, a rainy week.

I walked in a few minutes late wearing a pink Gap pullover over my orange floral satin dress. My three other colleagues whom I just met that day was quite astonished. They said I looked too young. Indeed, I was! They were shocked that I was only 21 landing the same job as theirs.

We were shown the facilities and given the assessment on our first day. It has been over a year. People have left, a lot of things happened – good and bad – but through it all here we are… the pioneers of the shared services center. Proud to be.



Ann, Carlyle, Kristal and Me

Ann, Carlyle, Kristal and Me

I also surprised them with a simple token of gratitude and I am happy they loved it! 😀


Ann and I 🙂

Also, Souris came with me to work. She said she wanted to write the speech she had to submit for the new job she’s applying else where than the house. Hence, she chose to come and be near within my vicinity so we can have lunch and go home together.  We woke up early and she cooked breakfast for us. We went to work together and she stayed at Starbucks up until I got out for my lunch.


Lunch time selfie!

After we had lunch she went to Fully Booked. The internet connection got bad in there so she ended up reading books.

When we got home I finished the bow tie I was making for Noah’s accessory on his birthday.


My DIY doggy bow tie!







Noah tired of taking selfies already haha!



All in all, I am happy where I am right now though I am not closing my doors to better opportunities. I thank God for all the granted wishes and answered prayers. 🙂



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