August 15, 2014 – Parting Ways

It was our Boss Ging’s last day at the office and unlike other people who bids goodbye to the company that they’ve worked for over 5 years, she didn’t actually announced it to everyone.

Our team decided to give her our goodbye letters. TJ distributed the cute designed papers to everyone with clear hopes that everyone actually already knew by then the reason why we needed to give the letters to Boss Ging.

Now, I must tell you that birthday surprises have been going on for quite a few times in the office the past few weeks and little did we know that some thought it was a SURPRISE GIFT OF BIRTHDAY LETTERS to Boss Ging. So, while everyone was writing their parting messages of “I’ll miss you and Good luck” some were actually wishing Boss a “Happy Birthday!” 😀


This was Marlon’s letter that we took out of the trash. He tried throwing it away because of embarrassment BUT yes we got it back! HAHAHA

We ended up showing her these letters and had a really great laugh about it. Nonetheless, I wish my boss all the best and hope she enjoys the new path she has chosen to take. 😀

And while all of this was happening, I was actually craving for the JCO Donuts, specifically the Avocado and Black Jack flavors. Coincedentally, my officemate Marlon was going to be treating us donuts that day. We looked up JCO’s contact number and unfortunately… they don’t deliver AT ALL. ANYWHERE. We settled for Krispy Kreme but we all know that when you are craving, everything else is second best.

Velz with the Krispy Kreme donuts.

Velz with the Krispy Kreme donuts.

When I got home, Souris and I were suppose to go to Megamall to buy the JCO donuts that I wanted but ended up postponing as it was payday Friday— traffic everywhere! We ate at Jollibee for dinner (All time favorite!) and I bought a Dunkin Donut thinking the craving would subside.



Fail. I still want the JCO donuts!



A few hours after that, Nanet with Souris’ sister came with Souris’ Japanese bike. Boy, she was happy! 😀 And then we went to Music Match near Home Depot to bond over Videoke for Nanet’s despedida.

15th (10)

15th (11)

15th (15)

15th (18)

15th (24)


It was indeed a long day for us and I am still longing for the JCO donuts!

It was kind of sad to have two people bid goodbye both at the same day but you have to look on the brighter side that it happened for a better reason 😀



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