Guardians Of The Galaxy – I am Groot!!!

Twenty six years after being abducted light years from Earth.

Peter Quill, now a Ravager, discovers an orb wanted by Ronan the accuser, making himself the prime target of a manhunt.

Thus the adventure begins…



I love the combination of the guardians and how they came to be as a group. They were so different from each other but collaborated for one main goal — to protect the galaxy. 🙂

I am not all knowing and a hardcore Marvels fan but I know how to differentiate a boring movie from a good one. This is far from those movies that just had hardcore plugging for people to watch.

Also I like how the Marvel films are connected with each other… won’t spoil how this is connected with another Marvel film don’t worry! 🙂

My favorite character, and I know a lot will agree, is Groot! This was my fave part in the movie. It was dark and they had to light up their way. Groot raised his hand and started emitting fireflies on his hand. It was magical 😀



And of course I would not dare forget to commend how awesome the mix tapes were!!! Yes, her mom has the right to put the title “Awesome Mix” on it. The playlists were just awesome! If you are not aware, my brother and I are a fan of the oldies music, so I know he will love this movie too! 🙂



It was a really great movie the Filipino Netizens didn’t waste any time and made sure they have made a meme for it! If you’re a Filipino, you’ll laugh about this.


It was a great movie and I thank God I got to see it together with my good friends! If you haven’t seen it… it’s not too late! It’s worth your while 😀



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