August 5, 2014

It was a sweater weather which means we basically cuddled all day long while watching movies and eating…(repeat until you’ve had enough).

Then by 3PM, after watching tons of Jose Luis‘ videos we decided to prep up and get our grocery list done.

While I was taking a bath, Souris watched a random movie to pass the time. She had chosen “Made of Honor” starring Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan.

Unfortunately, she got cut off at the part where they were eating at a Chinese restaurant which made Souris crave for it. Ugh. 😀


So after completing our grocery list, we searched for the dimsum and hakaw that could satisfy her taste buds. We ran into Super Bowl.







We enjoyed the food, especially Souris. It always makes me happy whenever I get to have her craving’s satisfied. Souris is a picky eater and is a fan of delicious dishes since her family cooks good food. So as much as possible I want her to be happy with the food that we eat when we dine out. 🙂



When we were about to go back and get our grocery’s which we left at the baggage counter, we happen to pass by the cinema house. Souris dubbed that the only interesting movie for her at the mean time was “What If” starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan.

A few walks past the cinema house, a guy calls our attention showing he has a ticket for the premier of… guess what? Yes, the What If  movie! 😀



Read my review here.

It was a really nice day even though it was rainy.

Bringing our own sunshine within ourselves isn’t so hard after all. 😀



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