“What If” Daniel Radcliffe shakes off the magic


Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan as Wallace and Chantry in the 2014 movie — What If

What if you hadn’t taken that bus?

What if you’ve woken up earlier?

What if you stayed for a little while instead of having your coffee to-go?

What if you fell in love with the right person at the wrong time?

What If portrays the life of Wallace (Radcliffe) who’s been consistently having the down side on relationships, the last — seeing his girlfriend making out with one of their professors in Medical School which he soon became a dropout.


Trying to mend his broken heart, Wallace meets Chantry (Kazan) at a party, a charming animator who’s equally humorous as he is. There was an instant connection, a spark that seemed to make Wallace feel there could be something more… but there’s a catch, Chantry has been in a 5-year relationship and is living with her boyfriend who seemed far more composed in life than Wallace.


So the set up of being good friends came to be yet the chemistry seemed too good to be true leading them to question themselves — What if the love of your life is actually your best friend?

I find the movie hilarious! The entire theater was having a big laugh at the comedy scenes. Wallace isn’t your typical leading man in the story and I think Radcliffe was good enough to be in the zone for the character. There are times though – being a potter head fan when I was young – that I couldn’t shake off the realization that he isn’t Harry Potter anymore with the wands and wizardry.


Kazan’s character Chantry on the other hand grew on me as I watch the movie further. I liked her personality and how both of them tried to make sure they didn’t cross any lines and make the friendship work. I saw in Chantry’s character the personality of a girl who’ll make it work to make sure nobody gets hurt, a loyal partner and a very amusing friend.

If you’re looking for a feel good movie, this award winning rom-com film better be on your list! 😀


Premieres August 20




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