July 30, 2014

It was a hot afternoon for a low pressure area to be brewing up as per the weather forecast.

I met Souris at a nearby computer shop to print some details she needed for the company she wants to apply into.

A few minutes after we got home, her sister came in and asked us to come with her to take Noah to the vet for a grooming service and check up.

She was with her friend/office mate and her office mate’s driver – both of them from a meeting.


Souris with her sister. They look like twins but 5 years apart. AMAZING!

Her sister loved her dog Noah so much. I find it adorable when she calls Noah cute names and Noah lightens up whenever she’s around. Tired from work her sister tried to get a few zZz’s while on the way to the vet.


We had Noah dropped off first and then headed to Shakey’s to past the time and eat. 😀



Few customers on a gloomy Wednesday afternoon.









After eating, we got Noah back and he is now shaved and looks like a Chihuahua! 😀

I am hoping and praying he gets better soon!

We were dropped off at Souris’ other house where her sister stays.

The rain poured when we were about to go home.

And by past 8 PM we were already back at our place.

Noah even got to take home his fave blanket 😀

It was unplanned yet fun!



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