Letters to M


I got this letter that was sent last night and meant to be read by me this morning 23/07 through the Facebook messaging system.

Souris and I were used to exchanging notes and letters and as you’ve read my previous posts I sometimes share mine here when I get the time to do so… 🙂

This one is different though, It was sweet, thoughtful AND funny because she added in the context some of the phrases that @Senyora caught at random social networking sites who are in specific grammatically incorrect.

May it be songs, idioms, sayings, wrong spelling because they are homonym words… Once @Senyora sees it, you’re dead! Hahaha 😀

Now, who’s @Senyora???

It is a parody account from one of the characters at the telenovela Marimar (1994, Starring Thalia).

She pretends to be the antagonist character Angélica de Santibañez.

She tweets mean things, claims she’s pretty (I must say she is) and other funny stuff which caught the attention of many Pinoy netizens for her to have 699K followers. Pretty neat huh?

Here’s what her bio says:


Translation: pretty • wealthy• haciendera • kills flirty people • queen of corned beef • hates people with no boobs • again, pretty TheSenyora@Gmail(dot)com

It’s a big deal and a laugh for the Filipino’s because we take it as a pride to be fluent in English may it be written or verbal. Besides being known as hospitable, we are known to be fast learners of the language of any country we have set foot on.

It is harsh but in a way I guess it is already a digital spanking for the youth of this generation. The times have changed and most of them wrap their brains around the next big thing that the media sets as cool — it is good to get along but you should know who you really are.

So, onto why Souris used freevillage = privilege and blessing in this guys = blessing in disguise.

free guys



I am not here to judge them whatsoever. I posted these to show that Souris and I find @Senyora entertaining and in the same time educating — humoring that is. 🙂

Regarding Souris’ touching letter, I replied of course but I don’t want to share it anymore 😀



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